One-stop shop for all your fly-fishing needs.


One-stop shop for all your fly-fishing needs.

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About Duranglers

Tom Knopick knows a thing or two (or a hundred) about fly-fishing, so any avid fishermen would be wise to take his advice on local fishing spots. He opened Duranglers, the best hub for fly-fishing guides, information, supplies, and equipment in the Four Corners, in 1983 with John Flick.

You can get a tiny hint of Knopick’s many insider tips right here. We spoke to Knopick about his business and his go-to favorite spots for a great catch in Durango, some of which you might just be able to visit with him if you take a trip to Duranglers.

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The Animas River

“For my perfect day, I'd probably go fishing. I’d start by fishing the Animas River that runs right through Durango.”

The San Juan Mountains

“I love to drive north into the  and find a little stream where I can crawl into a little canyon and cast dry flies to wild trout.”

The San Juan River

“There are more mountain streams associated with thethan you could fish in a lifetime.”