The Best Spots to Catch Live Music in Durango

The coolest music venues to check out in Durango, Colorado.

The Best Spots to Catch Live Music in Durango

Durango’s music scene is as eclectic and indie-focused as its residents, with bluegrass, jazz-funk, and indie/folk rock bands dominating the local scene.

Infused with the dynamic, open spirit of college-town jam sessions and nostalgia for the twangy sounds of the Wild West, the music venues in Durango range from nationally recognized venues like the Fort Lewis Community Concert Hall to honky-tonk piano bars and intimate acoustic hangouts. Cody Tinnin of Durango bluegrass mainstay the StillHouse Junkies and other notable locals told us about some of the best spots to catch a show in the city.

Henry Strater Theater at the Strater Hotel

Recommended by: Cody Tinnin

Nestled in the historic Strater Hotel, the centrally located Henry Strater Theatre--also known as “The Hank’’--boasts comedy acts and retro melodramas alongside local, regional, and touring musical groups.

Tinnin says, “The Henry Strater Theatre at the Strater Hotel-- anytime they put on music, that's usually a solid show. KFDP, the local radio station, does a lot of shows at that venue.”

Animas City Theatre

Recommended by: Cody Tinnin

You can catch both movies and musical acts at the Animas City Theatre, a funky local favorite venue right in downtown Durango. “Animas City Theatre usually has some good shows,” Tinnin shares. “It’s a big, flagship venue.”

The Listening Room

Recommended by: Cody Tinnin

The Listening Room, an intimate 40-seat space, recently cropped up at the Red Scarf Studio to accommodate Durango’s growing independent music scene, explains Tinnin. “The Listening Room is an underground venue that recently opened up,” he says. “They do monthly shows, sometimes two shows a month, in a photography studio. The owner is really proactive in supporting local artists. She brings people in from out of town, but then also has a real focus on local musicians too. The sound is pretty pristine, and it really is just a cool environment.”

Balcony Bar & Grill

Recommended by: Jenna Black, Fred Kosak

Balcony Bar & Grill is Durango’s go-to spot, right on Main, for live music amid the best views in town. Jenna Black of the Prohibition-themed speakeasy The Bookcase & Barber says it’s a favorite end-of-night stunner for her and her friends: “After walking Main, I would probably take friends to the Balcony and enjoy some live music.”

Ragtime at the Diamond Belle Saloon in the Strater Hotel

Recommended by: Dave Thibodeau

In keeping with its Old West roots, Durango is no stranger to honky-tonk music...or booze. You can find both at the Diamond Belle Saloon in the historic Strater Hotel, says Dave Thibodeau: “They've got a honky-tonk piano player in an Old West style. Nothing has changed in a hundred years in that place. You'd be remiss if you didn't actually make it into the Diamond Belle Saloon.”

Fort Lewis Community Concert Hall

Recommended by: Kris Oyler, Fred Kosak

A Four Corners destination for music, theatre, dance, and visual arts alike, the Fort Lewis Community Concert Hall is designed for the ideal acoustic setting.

Fred Kosak of the StillHouse Junkies explains that the concert hall draws some of the biggest crowds in the area: “For bigger out-of-town acts, the concert hall is a special stage. It’s a pretty amazing resource that we’ve ended up with a hall of that magnitude. The acoustics of that space are the kind you’d see for pretty heavy-duty acts that you might not expect to find in Durango.”