Best Farm to Table Restaurants in Durango

The best locally sourced eats in Southwest Colorado.

Best Farm to Table Restaurants in Durango

“Locally sourced” is the name of the game in Durango’s dining scene. From collaborations with local farmers and ranchers to homegrown produce, Durango’s chefs and tastemakers are experimenting with the most innovative ways to keep your food fresh, sustainable, and, of course, tasty. We spoke with notable locals to find out about their recommendations for the best farm-to-table restaurants in Durango.

El Moro Tavern

Recommended by: Sage Anderson, Kami Swingle, Kris Oyler, Jenna Black, Marcos Wisner, Katie Burford, Sean Clark

Katie Burford of Cream Bean Berry, like many other locals, swears by El Moro Tavern for great brunch and local flavors. “El Moro has great seasonal dishes,” she says.

James Ranch

Recommended by: Dave Thibodeau, Katie Burford, Sean Clark, Joy Martin

James Ranch, a working ranch and farm connected to a farm-to-table eatery, is another favorite among Durango foodies, like Dave Thibodeau of Ska Brewing: “At James Ranch, they have bees, they grow food in their garden, and they raise cows. They have a little roadside cafe right off the side of the highway and it's all farm to table.”

Eolus Bar & Dining

Recommended by: Kami Swingle, Jenna Black

Eolus Bar & Dining is one of Durango’s fine dining mainstays, with a variety of locally sourced menu items. Kami Swingle of Braided recommends their burgers and handcrafted cocktails: “Eolus has a great happy hour. They have burgers from James Ranch that are to die for and really great cocktails and beer.”

The Living Tree

Recommended by: Bryant AuCoin

In the market for a salad bar? Bryant AuCoin of Sticker Art recommends The Living Tree: “The Living Tree, the salad bar in town, it’s absolutely phenomenal. They have a ferment bar, it's all local meats and stuff. And there’s a build-your-own-salad that's huge and hearty.”

Ore House

Recommended by: Sage Anderson, Jenna Black, Katie Burford, Joy Martin

When Durango-based writer Joy Martin wants a great dinner in town, she heads to Ore House for their creative, locally grown menu: “Ore House is really farm-to-table, fine dining. The owners are great, and they draw this awesome community of people who just love local food.”

Cyprus Cafe

Recommended by: Elizabeth Kinahan

Mediterranean eatery Cyprus Cafe is a personal favorite for Elizabeth Kinahan, a painter from Studio & Gallery. She recommends their rotating menu of seasonal dishes: “Dinner at Cyprus Cafe. They’re working really hard to provide as much local food as they possibly can on their menu. They work with local fsrms, and their menu changes a lot depending on what’s in season.”