Artists to Know from Durango

Durango’s best local visual artists.

Artists To Know From Durango

Durango’s burgeoning arts scene is as dynamic and eclectic as its locals. With art galleries and visual artists flocking to the region for its natural beauty and vibrant community, the art scene is consistently growing and expanding. Painter Elizabeth Kinahan of Studio & Gallery told us about her favorite artists in the area.

Ron Fundingsland

Ron Fundingsland, who has exhibited widely, is one of Kinahan’s top picks for local artists to check out. “Ron is a printmaker of extreme caliber. Just amazing. Wow.”

Mary Ellen Long

For uniquely Durango-inspired work, Kinahan suggests environmental artist Mary Ellen Long, who works with natural resources to create her works of art. “Mary Ellen Long is an environmental artist. She works primarily with natural materials that she's pulled from the woods: fibers, leaves, rocks, bugs. Her work is gorgeous.”

Jeff and Susan Wise

In terms of the Durango art scene, says Kinahan, the work of Jeff and Susan Wise is a must-see. The couple makes wearable art: sculptures that also serve as jewelry. “Jeff and Susan Wise have work, I believe, in the Smithsonian. She's an abstract artist, and he is a silversmith and a sculptor. And together, they are this crazy creative powerhouse couple that makes crazy awesome art.”

Mike Brieger

Blacksmith and metal worker Michael Brieger is another one of Kinahan’s favorite Durango artist-craftsmen. “Mike Brieger is a metalsmith, welder, and sculptor. His work is just out of this world, super cool.”

Krista Harris

Kinahan also recommends the work of Krista Harris, a modernist painter with abstract expressionist influences. “Krista Harris is an abstract artist. Her work is just stunning, and she's doing great.”

Lorna Meaden

Ceramics fans will want to visit Lorna Meaden’s stunning pottery studio, Kinahan says. “Lorna is a local potter. People just love her work.”