9 Mountain Biking Trails to Hit around Durango

The best mountain biking for every skill level in the Four Corners.

9 Mountain Biking Trails to Hit around Durango

Durango, Colorado, is a mountain bikers’ haven! 

Whether you're a newbie looking to take the slow-and-scenic route or a longtime adventurer searching for your next challenge, here our bikers, trail runners and adventurers have you covered with a list of the best mountain biking trails in the San Juans.

Dalla Mountain Park

Recommended by: Sage Anderson

Sage Anderson of 81301 Coffee Roasters celebrates one of the most popular in-town mountain biking trails, Dalla Mountain Park: “Durango is probably one of the most incredible towns you can live in or visit if you’re a mountain bike enthusiast. Right in town, we have the Dalla Mountain Park.”

La Plata Mountains

Durango's La Plata Mountains

Recommended by: Sage Anderson, Ani Cassabone

For high country lovers, Anderson suggests checking out the La Plata Mountains, just a few miles northwest of Durango’s city center: “Head over to the La Platas for a higher-country ride with great views.”

Animas City Mountain

Recommended by: Sage Anderson, Kris Oyler

Kris Oyler of Steamworks Brewing Company loves biking on the Animas City Mountain trails for the incredible views of Durango. He raves, “This hike will take youaround the mountain and give you almost 360 degree views. Starting with the Animas Valley, you see the Needles range, the La Plata Mountains, and Falls Creek down below. It is just a gorgeous view and a great way to start the day.”

Twin Buttes Trails

Recommended by: Sage Anderson, Bryant AuCoin, Alissa Wolf, Luke Mehall, Ani Casabonne

Local adventurer-explorer Ani Casabonne suggests Twin Buttes Trails for a more challenging ride for seasoned mountain bikers, saying, “Twin Buttes is fun if you want a longer ride outside of town and a longer sustained climb.”

Horse Gulch

Recommended by: Katie Burford, Luke Mehall, Bill Carver, Sage Anderson, Bryant AuCoin, Jen LaCroix, Dave Thibodeau, Alissa Wolf

Katie Burford of local creamery Cream Bean Berry recommends the ever-popular Horse Gulch trails for their incredible proximity and variety of options. Says Burford, “The Horse Gulch trail system is literally right outside my back door. So I’m there almost every day. It's super popular because they have everything from beginner to advanced trails. All super accessible.”

Missionary Ridge

Recommended by: Sage Anderson

Sage Anderson knows her mountain biking trails, and the hidden gem of Missionary Ridge is one of her favorites: “On the north end of town, there’s Missionary Ridge, which is semi-high country but also considered ‘town riding.’”

Blackhawk Pass

Recommended by: Sage Anderson

Blackhawk Pass is known for its alpine wildflowers and stunning views. Anderson recommends it for the perfect summer ride: “The highlight of a day in Durango could be any kind of number of backcountry mountain bike rides. Blackhawk is the one we do all summer long.”

Overend Mountain Park

Recommended by: Dave Thibodeau, Katie Burford

Mountain bikers like Katie Burford, who want a bit of a challenge or something unique, flock to the biking haven of Overend Mountain Park. Says Burford, “I really like the Overend Mountain Trail System. It's a little bit more challenging. You get some really amazing views and overlooking town. It's a good place to work on your skills if you want to push yourself a little bit.”

Sailing Hawks

Recommended by: Luke Mehall

Luke Mehall of Climbing Zine gives a personal thumbs up to Sailing Hawks, an ideal spot for bouldering, hiking, and biking alike. He says, “Sailing Hawks is one of my favorite places to go mountain biking.”