6 Local Shops to Check Out in Durango

From outdoor gear to vintage gems, where to shop in Durango, Colorado.

6 Local Shops to Check Out in Durango

As a hub for artisans and creatives, Durango is home to a wide range of shopping experiences. From kitschy vintage gems to local crafts and environmentally friendly handmade products, there’s a little something for everyone in the Four Corners. And, of course, there’s always a demand for great outdoor gear and adventure stores in this major hiking, climbing, and biking destination.

We spoke with local makers who know their stuff to come up with a list of some of the quirkiest and highest-quality shops in the city.

Animas Trading Company

Recommended by: Joy Martin

Much like the city of Durango itself, Animas Trading Company is a funky, jack-of-all trades store with a bohemian flair. “The owner there is awesome,” says Joy Martin. “You can get anything you need there,” from incense and gifts to jewelry, home decor, and novelties.

Pine Needle Mountaineering

Recommended by: Joy Martin

A comprehensive adventure store, boot fitter, and full-service ski shop, Pine Needle Mountaineering carries gear for mountaineering, climbing, hiking, trail running, yoga, camping, and backpacking. Its appeal is undeniable, says Martin: “Probably the best gear store in town. It’s been around forever.”

Durango Outdoor Exchange

Recommended by: Jen LaCroix, Elizabeth Kinahan

If you’re looking for high-quality outdoor apparel and gear at consignment prices (and who isn’t), or to sell your own stuff, Elizabeth Kinahan recommends Durango Outdoor Exchange. “They’re providing used gear for sports and hiking and camping,” she explains. “You can get a tent, a canoe, any outdoor gear through the exchange. It’s a great idea, and they seem to really be thriving.”

Second Story Used Books

Recommended by: Elizabeth Kinahan

Book lovers will drool over the jam-packed Second Story Books. Elizabeth Kinahan raves about the selection of used and rare books in this shop on Main Avenue that caters to the vibrant local academic and literary community: “Second Story Used Books is great. There’s an amazing selection of used books up there, and I like to go up there and hang out and talk to Denny. He's the guy who owns it.”

Sideshow Emporium

Recommended by: Elizabeth Kinahan

The nostalgic, retro-contemporary spirit of Durango runs wild at the quirky Sideshow Emporium, a vintage and retro clothing store for men and women that also serves as a small art gallery and community performance space. Elizabeth Kinahan of Studio& Gallery says it’s a personal favorite of hers: “You’ve got to get to the Sideshow. She's got a classic vintage collection of all kinds of stuff, primarily clothing. It’s a cool spot, and it is a hidden gem for sure.”

Sticker Art

Recommended by: Jen LaCroix

Jen LaCroix of the Durango Outdoor Exchange knows a thing or two about locally owned and operated Durango companies, steeped as she is herself in the area’s community and retail scene. She vouches for Sticker Art, a creative sticker store with a very Durango flair. “One of the most exciting local companies is Sticker Art,” says LaCroix. “It’s run by a couple in the area. We carry almost all of their stickers.”