4 Beloved Durango Chefs’ Favorite Dishes at Their Restaurants

Four Durango chefs and tastemakers dish on their own great cuisine.

4 Beloved Durango Tastemakers’ Favorite Dishes at Their Eateries

 Durango is a foodie haven smack dab in the middle of Southwest Colorado. From craft beer and local, organic eats to freshly roasted coffee, handcrafted cocktails, and artisanal cheeses, there’s a little something for everyone to enjoy. We asked four popular Durango chefs and tastemakers to share their favorite dish or menu item at their own eateries.

Breakfast at El Moro Tavern

Chef Sean Clark recommends the shrimp and grits for a taste of what’s so innovative at El Moro Tavern: “Part of the ethos originally was to make an environment that was comfortable and familiar, but turning that on its head just a little bit, or adding our own little spin on it. Our shrimp and grits entree is a prime example. We took the grits and cooled them down and then cut them into fries and dipped them in corn bread for a bit of a different take.”

Carver Brewing Company

Patrick Jose of Carver Brewing Company, a trained baker and beermaker, recommends breakfast with a side of Bloody Mary at his brewery: “I’d start my day with breakfast at Carver’s. The Deluxe Bloody Mary comes with a light lager, which is a great combo.” He adds, “Carver’s is the classic American pub, but we set ourselves apart by serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We make our own nitro coffee, cold brew style, and our own root beer.”

81301 Coffee Roasters

Sage Anderson of 81301 Coffee Roasters recommends the pour-over bar at her beloved coffee shop. “We're really community-based--a truly locally driven coffee shop. We have a 25-kilo roaster in our locations as well as a pour over bar. We just love to make sure that we give every visitor a really intentional cup of coffee.”

11th Street Station

Marcos Wisner of the 11th Street Station suggests the cocktails on tap at his creative, fresh spin on a food truck collective. “We already do a whole line of cocktails on tap,” he says. “We’ve streamlined our process to allow us to maintain consistency and be high volume while still delivering a beautifully handcrafted eight-ingredient cocktail in less than 15 minutes.”