Ultimate Day for the Spirits Lover

Where to find quality booze and bitters in Durango.

24-Hour Durango Itinerary for the Spirits Lover

As told by Jenna Black of The Bookcase & Barber

As a speakeasy owner, Jenna Black of The Bookcase & Barber certainly knows a little something about craft beer and spirits. Here, she takes us through the wild, creative world of Durango liquor in her version of the perfect day for the craft beer and spirits lover.

Animas River Trail

Black would start off her day at one of the most popular trails in town for walking, biking, and scenery. “I've worked near the river trail, so I'd probably start my day off walking the river in the morning, and then head to brunch at El Moro Tavern.”

Brunch at El Moro

As for friends visiting from out of town, Black says, “I’d take them to brunch at El Moro. That's where my husband and I always love to go. It's just so good and just such an experience.” The cocktails are handmade and always innovative.

Walk & Shop on Main Street

Durango’s main drag is jam-packed with great drinks, including Four Leaves Winery and Durango Craft Spirits, a small batch grain-to-glass distillery. “I'd just enjoy walking Main Avenue and checking out the eclectic shops and restaurants. I think something that's special here: There's always something new coming up, and something new opens up on Main Avenue every year or so.”

Live Music at Balcony Bar & Grill

Balcony Bar & Grill serves up drinks and one of the best live music venues in the city. “After walking Main Avenue, I would probably take friends to the Balcony and enjoy some live music.”

Dinner at Ore House

For fine dining and a lengthy wine list, Black suggests steaks or seafood at the Ore House. “Finishing up with dinner at the Ore House is always pretty special.”

Durango’s Breweries and The Bookcase & Barber

Black would close out the night with a visit to one of the many Durango breweries. “I’d want to take any visitor to all the different breweries—because they're all so different. All the way from Ska, to Carver's, to Animas.”

Black credits the smash success of the city’s craft breweries with the opportunities her own speakeasy has enjoyed. “Those places are the reason a place like The Bookcase & Barber can even be here,” she explains. “It's because they lifted that bar so high and elevated it so much that everyone knows where they’re going is going to be pretty cool.”