Ultimate Day for the Hiking and Camping Lover

The perfect day for outdoor adventurers in Durango.

24-Hour Durango Itinerary for the Hiking and Camping Lover

The range of outdoor activities to choose from in Durango, Colorado, is so staggering that it’s almost overwhelming. With help from local adventure aficionado Zoe Schultz from Pine Needle Mountaineering, we whittled it down to the best of the best. This 24-hour Durango itinerary for the hiking and camping lover is your go-to guide to getting out there and enjoying all the city has to offer.

Raider Ridge Cafe

Schultz gears up for the day with healthy treats from the affordable Raider Ridge Cafe:Raider Ridge Cafe is a solid choice for breakfast. They have breakfast burritos, smoothies, wraps. All really good.”

Ice Lake Basin

For a morning hike, Schultz suggests Ice Lake Basin, an eight-mile scenic loop. “Ice Lake Basin is really accessible from Silverton. I love hiking there and then going above the basin and climbing above those peaks.”

Vestal Basin

If you’re up for a bigger challenge, Schultz recommends hightailing it up to Vestal Basin in the Weminuche Wilderness. “If you’re fast and like to trail run,” she says, “you can get up to Vestal Basin in a day.”

Avalanche Brewing Company

Schultz’s favorite lunch in the area is actually in nearby Silverton, about an hour away in a spot that hearkens back to Durango’s Old West roots. “I’d go to Silverton for lunch at Avalanche Brewing Company,” says Schultz. “They have good wraps, good beer.”

Big Molas Lake

For a low-key outdoorsy afternoon, Schultz would head over to Big Molas Lake, also near Silverton: “I’d take friends to paddleboard around Big Molas Lake.”

Ska Brewing

Schultz likes to wrap up a busy day of adventures with the Durango classic, Ska Brewing. “I’d finish off a day of hiking at Ska. They have really good food,” she shares.