The Ultimate Day for the Coffee Lover

From sunrise to sunset, how travelers can enjoy the quality roasts in Durango.

24-Hour Durango Itinerary for the Coffee Lover

As told by Sage Anderson of 81301 Coffee Roasters

Durango is widely known for its great beers and warm, rugged atmosphere. But it’s also quickly becoming a destination for high-quality coffee, especially with the influx of creative roasters from around the world who want to make a name--and a home--for themselves in the Colorado city. Sage Anderson of 81301 Coffee Roasters told us how she’d spend a perfect, java-fueled day in Durango.

Taste Coffee

Taste Coffee, another local favorite, would be Anderson’s first stop for an early morning coffee: "For coffee lovers waking up in the morning, I would suggest hitting up Taste Coffee first because they close earlier than us. They have a really incredible oat milk cortado. Their single origins there are really incredible. You could go there and get an Ethiopian or Honduran espresso.”

81301 Coffee

Anderson would, of course, continue the day with a great cup of freshly roasted coffee at her own coffeehouse. Of 81301 Coffee, she says, “We're really community-based--a truly locally driven coffee shop. We have a 25-kilo roaster in our location as well as a pour over bar. We just love to make sure that we give every visitor a really intentional cup of coffee.”

Pastries at Smiley Cafe

If you’d like a gluten-free scone with your coffee, Anderson suggests the Smiley Cafe in the downtown Smiley Building: “Smiley Cafe is a great coffee shop. It's in the Smiley Building off of 3rd Avenue Downtown. It’s a little bit more of a hidden gem, and they do tons of incredible gluten-free pastries, which is hard to find anywhere you go.”

Breakfast at Durango Doughworks

For a traditional American breakfast, Anderson raves about Durango Doughworks, a local eatery with homemade doughnuts: "I'd tell any visitor to wake up, have some coffee, and head to Doughworks. It's pretty much the number one breakfast place in town."

Blackhawk Pass

Anderson’s love for great coffee is only matched by her love of the outdoors. After coffee and breakfast, mountain biking at Blackhawk Pass could be in order, she says. “The highlight of a day in Durango could be any kind of number of backcountry mountain bike rides. Blackhawk is the one we do all summer long.”

Zia Taqueria

For lunch, Anderson recommends some of the area’s most beloved, and most affordable, tacos: “I’m always ready to head down to Zia Taqueria for lunch.”

Cream Bean Berry

Afternoon ice cream at Cream Bean Berry? We’ll take it. “Cruise down to Cream Bean Berry to grab some delicious ice cream.” 

Santa Rita Whitewater Park

The newly updated Santa Rita Whitewater Park is a favorite spot of Anderson’s for afternoon people watching and water sports. Says Anderson, “One of my favorite things to do when people come to town is to head down to Santa Rita Whitewater Park and watch boats flip.”

Ernie's at 11th Street Station

For a pre-dinner cocktail, Anderson recommends Ernie’s, a gas station-turned-bar in the renovated 11th Street Station: “For cocktails, head to Ernie's, which is where they have the new 11th Street Station food truck concept going.”

El Moro Tavern

Like many other locals, Anderson swears by El Moro for great local food: “El Moro is one of my favorite spots in Durango for dinner.”

Coffee Beer at Carver Brewing Company

To keep the coffee love going, Anderson says she’d wind down the day with a coffee brew at Carver Brewing Company. “Carver’s has a good brew with a beer.”, she says.