The Ultimate Day in Durango for the Climbing and Bouldering Lover

The perfect day for the Durango climber, from sunrise to sunset.

Ultimate Day in Durango for the Climber

Our Tour Guide Luke Mehall

Luke Mehall runs The Climbing Zine out of Durango, Colorado, a city that's known for its wealth of bouldering and climbing opportunities just outside of town in the San Juans. Here, Luke shares his Ultimate Day for the Climber, all to ensure that visitors who are coming for adventure have as epic a time as the locals do!

Breakfast at College Drive Cafe

For breakfast, Mehall sticks with an affordable Durango mainstay for great eats. “On a weekend, I love getting some breakfast at a favorite breakfast joint. For me, that’s College Drive Cafe.”

Mountain Bike Horse Gulch

Mehall would work off a hearty breakfast with a bike or run at nearby Horse Gulch: “The biking and running are just so accessible,” he raves. “There are so many incredible trails right outside of town, like Horse Gulch.”

Lunch at Zia Taqueria

Zia Taqueria

Before he launched his career in writing and publishing, Mehall worked at one of his favorite eateries in town. He’s eager to recommend it for lunch. “Zia Taqueria is the only place in town where  you can spend like $5 and actually get an affordable meal and get full. Plus, it's really good. I worked there for five years and I still eat there all the time.”

Climb Cascade Canyon

Climb Cascade Canyon

Next, it’s time for a climb at Cascade Canyon, says Mehall: “We like to go up climbing at Cascade Canyon, which is a really cool area. It's got a small waterfall, and it's just a really beautiful scenic site.”

Sailing Hawks Bouldering Area

Sailing Hawks is described as a “playground” for adventurers, and Mehall agrees: “The Sailing Hawks bouldering area is really, really classic. It's right next to town, and I can pretty much look outside my window and see it. It has really good running, biking, and bouldering. Just an amazing spot.”

Beers at Carver Brewing Company

Mehall would settle in for a post-climb beer at local mainstay Carver Brewing Company. “My favorite brewery in town is Carver's Brewery. They’re one of the oldest breweries around.”